Revolutionary Slip On Topless UV Cover for Surfboards & SUP Boards by
Surf Bag Innovations, Incorporated (SBI, Inc.)

“I love the covers!  So easy to use, couldn’t be better.  Like the sauces too, thanks.  If you’re on Facebook post something and I’ll reply with a rave.  Lots of paddlers here. On deadline for a book but would like to chat.  I’m thinking of renting a cool house in Hawaii in October two to four weeks, someplace surf is small and consistent where i can improve my sup surf skills.  Kaulia area?  Waves here suck! Randy”

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Check Out This Video on How to Use a Topless Boardbag!

Super Simple…Super Fast!

“My long board is no longer fading.  Finally,a great invention whose time has come!  No more hassles with that nasty, heavy, cumbersome beast of a bag.”    Larry B,  Alpine, CA